BetterLife Seminars
by Fat Then Fit Now, Inc

Take Control Of the Only Person You Actually Can; Yourself. 
Once you do this, you will live a healthier, more fit and happier life.

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Dedicated to improving wellness

Motivation Through Inspiration

Between 32% & 35% of American Adults are now considered obese. That staggering statistic means that roughly 1 out of every 3 Americans are obese.  Not just a few pounds overweight, but obese in the clinical sense of the word. And that may be costing you and your employees income, health, wellness and enjoying a healthful, fit quality of life.

This increase is causing a healthcare crisis.
Billions of dollars are being spent to treat obesity and obesity related illnesses.

Employers are being forced to spend more and more money on health insurance
 and even on worker's compensation insurance.

Money is lost because of missed work time and decreases in productivity.

There is something that can be done.  
Contact Physical Culturist, Chiropractor and Author Doc Joe Leonardi.
 Bring him in to speak, inspire and motivate your group today. 

He will share his key ingredients to success.
He will share his struggles and the program he
designed and implemented to conquer his affliction
 --- that of morbid obesity.

Discover the keys to getting healthy and in turn living the BetterLife! 

Dr. Leonardi had a successful practice and was on his way to financial security. Then, a series of circumstances caused it to all just disappeared.  He will describe what happened, but more importantly, how his choices hastened his decline, led to morbid obesity and how those choices almost ruined his life.  

In matter of fact tones, he will share with you when the realization hit him that he was no longer living life, that he was simply existing.  He will then inspire as he takes you along for the ride of his rise back toward personal prosperity.
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